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18 June 2011 @ 01:19 pm
Tiny Picspam!  
See? I promised to be around more often..hehe.

In my last entry I told you that we made cherry jam and that I had to climb on trees to get them, right?

Well, here are some impressions of what I did..I don´t have pics about myself sitting in a tree though, bc a) it´s pretty difficult to make some pics when you´re holding the cell in one hand and trying to hold onto a tree branch with the other...and nope, I couldn´t make my Dad understand how to work my cellphone-camera..he already has problems finding the right buttons on his remote control! LOL

Anyway...nice pics ahead!! (plus, two pictures show the birthday cake we made for my Dad today, it´s a "Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte" hmm don´t know if it´s translated into Black Forest Cherry cake, but it´s the best I can deliver! *gg*)
Edit: got told that it´s either called Black Forest Cherry layer cake or Black Forest Cherry Gateaux. Thanks for the heads-up!! <33

See that ladder? I went all the way up! Loved it, allthough it had been a little windy..sometimes the ladder would´ve creaked and given way a little bit..but it was safe all the time! :)

Overview from ontop of the ladder..could´ve spend all day up there!
  view from ontop of the ladder

Hmm..too bad the bigger tree branch had been so straight..I wanted to go up there bc there were more beautiful cherries!

See what I mean? *sigh* Well, at least that way the birds are having some nice cherries too! ;)
cherries above

View all the way back down the ladder..sorry that it´s so blurry!
looking back down

Halftime! At the end I had a full bucket with yummy (wormfree) cherries!

Did the same thing with the sour cherries..the tree hadn´t been that high, so I managed to climb up without a ladder..sorry, no pics there though! :(

Finally, the cake (especially for angels_cordy ):

I know it isn´t the most perfect cake ever, but it´s soooo yummy!!!
Schwarzw&auml;lderKirschTorte1         Schwarzw&auml;lderKirschTorte

And last but not least...there´s actually a Ford Mustang in my town!!!! SQUEEEEE!! It´s not as cherry red as War´s *points at icon*, it´s more of an orange-red, but still...a MUSTANG!!! *dies* I got to drive behind it for a while, so sadly, no pics! But I´ll try to find the car again..hehehe..I need pictures of that beauty!!!

And now I´m off. Need to clean up. (again!) Yesterday I had to clean up my closet...buying new clothes isn´t wise when you actually don´t have space for them! LOL I managed to put away some old and torn clothes, and now I´m considering of throwing more old stuff out..maybe I´ll give some things to the flea market...I´m so pathetic when it comes to my toys from back when I was a child..can´t throw them away allthough I KNOW I won´t ever need them again..but still...*sigh*
Okay..I´m really off now..*grin*

Peace, love and music,
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crism79: 30STM Jared Leto crism79 on June 20th, 2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
Gorgeous cherries!!!! I was on vacations in my Dad's hometown and we also had cherries, and sooo many!! But our trees aren't as tall as that one :))))) I love climbing trees :D Now I need to think of something to do with all these cherries we have...

Oh and yummy cake!!! It looks absolutely delicious!!!! It's perfect the way it is and it was made with love and that's what matters :))))

Love *squishes you*