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19 March 2011 @ 11:35 pm
A new friend and a fic-rec...  
Hello my lovelies!!

Today marks 24 years of living without my beloved granny. There´s not a day in my life I wouldn´t miss her endlessly. She was my light and inspiration - sadly I had her only 9 years of my life...RIP Granny!! ♥

Well..on a happier note..I got a new friend!!! Well, actually she isn´t a brand new friend anymore..we met last year at the AE Con - weird thing is that we never managed to friend each other...I´m superglad she now had the idea to do it first - I guess I´d been too shy to ask first! LOL

A WARM WELCOME TO nina_nicky !!

Now onto the fic rec..I guess most of you have seen videos and pictures from Jensen and Jared at the Paley-Festival, right?
I gotta say, those two guys never fail to amaze me with the way they are when they´re together...deliberately or not - they dressed the same, they keep eye-contact and their interactions are soo well-matched - it´s unbelievable!
My dearest Isa (deanvica23 ) posted some more pictures about the panel - thanks again for that Isa! - and we both agreed that those pics would make a great fanfic..that´s where the awesome aelia1980  came into the picture..she offered to write us a little story - and being the awesome girl that she is, she already finished it!! (And kinda dedicated it to me for my birthday - which is awesome all on its own! *smile)
I simply lovelovelovelove it and though she warned be about the story being unbetaed, I couldn´t find any flaws in it - and now I just have to share it with you. 
So here it goes...


Have fun reading it! It´s really beautiful!!! Thanks again for writing, love!! <33

Will go to bed now - tomorrow will be my last day in freedom of my holiday..*sigh* We´ll see what Monday will bring...

Where I am: at home
How I feel: melancholymelancholy
OST: rolling in the deep - adele
Kellie: SPN - Sam Dean||hugkelzies on March 19th, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
*HUGS* Sorry that you had her in your life for a little while, but it sounds like they were great years.

Awesome :D On both counts! Thanks for the recc!

Have a good sleep bb, and enjoy your Sunday <3
Andrea: J2 hug *I love you*lupina78 on March 19th, 2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
For me she was the best granny ever. But I guess every grandchild is claims that for their own granny ;) I´m thankful that I had her 9 wonderful years..

True that! :) You´re welcome my dear! It´s such a sweet story!

Thank you - will do both!

*snuggles* ♥
Lynz: J2blackcalic0 on March 19th, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
Awww bub *big hug* 24 years is as old as me a very long time - I'm surprised and amazed that you still have good memories of your time together. It sounds like you had a special bond.

My God yes the boys did look lovely! I don't ship J2 or any real life pairing but I appreciate the friendship they have and how strong it's been all these years. I love the butt slaps that Misha, Jensen and Jared all did to each other that day. There must have been some bet going on or something...those boys are such tricksters! I honestly don't know how they get any work done at all.

I hope you enjoy your last day of freedom before going back to work.
Andrea: J2 touch <3lupina78 on March 20th, 2011 09:07 am (UTC)
Hehe..yeah..reminds me of how old I really am..33 going on 17 or something..LOL
Oh, I loved this woman so much - we never had a fight (or at least I can´t remember) and since I was her only grandchild I got spoiled like crazy!! :) Mum didn´t like that so much, and looking back now, I understand her completely..because if you have lunch ready by 12 and your daughter it´s pudding by 11 and refuses to eat by 12 it gets frustrating..LOL But it was heaven for me! :D

There are two souls living inside of me..one that WANTS them to be together and the other one that knows it´s not true and wants them to be happy with their wifes..I still can´t deside which one´s stronger! LOL But they always act so in sync - what a great bond they must have!
LOL You´re right..it´s amazing that they get anything done with how much fun they´re having..want to be a fly on a wall in those studios..;)

Thanks - I´ll do my very best to enjoy today! :)

Lynz: J2 - hand on heartblackcalic0 on March 20th, 2011 12:29 pm (UTC)
Awww, that sounds very sweet. Grandparents are the best!

I know what you mean, even if I don't ship them. It's like when best friends mirror each others actions without realising it...that's J2. They spend so many hours in the day together that each others' personality and mannerisms rub off on one another. *squee*

If the gag reels are only a small amount of the silliness that goes on behind the scenes then I'd love to be a fly on the wall!

aelia1980: J2_ParleyFestaelia1980 on March 20th, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)
Wow, now I´m redder than red, thanks for reccing my little fic, like I said I´m really flattered that you like it so much, thank you hon *hugs*.

And yeah, the Js are amazing. A little part of me always wishes there is something more between them (yeah, I admit it, I definitely am a J2 fan though I don´t really believe it) but actually it even is more special if they were "just" friends because being like that when you are just friends shows of a real deep friendship in a way I am probably never lucky enough to have. And it gives me great material to write all my silly stories ;)

I´m sorry to hear that you only had your wonderful Granny for 9 years. I was lucky enough to only lose my grandmoms at the age of 19 and 25 and I was not even too close to them. But I think it´s great that almost 25 years after she passed you still remember her with so much love and I´m sure she is watching over you from where she is and is real proud of the wonderful person you become *hugs*
Andrea: Friendslupina78 on March 20th, 2011 09:37 am (UTC)
Oh good - now I only hope the red doesn´t crash with your hair..LOL
Of course I like it!! :)

They absolutely are. And I couldn´t agree more - a part of me wishes that they "are" in love, but on the other hand..a friendship like that is something special - the way they know each other so well, the way they act and react to each others comments..absolutely great!

I´m one of the few lucky people to have such a friendship myself. Manu (sweetgirl7808) and I know each other so well, we complete each others sentences..or she says "get out of my head" whenever I say something that she was thinking that very moment..I´m blessed to have her in my life and you sure as hell deserve someone like that too! *huggles you*

I had been very close to my granny, that´s for sure. She taught me so many things, went on adventurous journeys with me (at least they were when I was little..LOL) even if we just took the train to the next town or something..she made everything special, but she already had been old when I was born..she died at the age of 88 - 3 days after my 9th birthday..and I know that she said goodbye to me that night. God how I miss her..
Thank you so much - I really hope she is proud of me...and btw..now I´m the one who´s blushing :)

*hugs back*
aelia1980: J2_PhotoOp_5aelia1980 on March 21st, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
Wanted to answer your comment ages ago...

No, red doesn't crash with my hair, it's almost black, so that's okay ;)

And really, you are lucky for having a friend like Manu. Looking back all my live (God, that sounds like I 80 ;)) I've never been lucky with friends. I always had friends or more buddies, girls to "hang out" and have fun with but apart from one friend none are left. Well, might be me. Probably must be me though I never considered myself as a bitch.

What you wrote about your grandma made me almost cry. She reached a great old age (esp. for 24 years ago) but it's still so sad that you only had her for 9 years. It's so unfair, thinking that I had mine for so much longer and was never particularly close with my grandmas and yours was taken away from you too early. But better 9 years and being close than 19 years with a grandma you almost feared a bit. And it's great that you learned so much from her and did so many adventurous things :)

Okay, and now I am crying (must be my new contacts ;)). so I'm off

nina_nicky: Awesomenina_nicky on March 20th, 2011 07:41 am (UTC)
OMG, thank you for the warm welcome! *glomptackles* ^^
Andrea: Jared heylupina78 on March 20th, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
You´re welcome - in more than one way! ♥ *tacklehugs*