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31 August 2010 @ 05:33 am
Remember me?  
Hey guys, it´s Andy writing! I AM BACK!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!

God, these last three (almost)  weeks had been HORRIBLE!
Everything started on Friday 13th - yeah, a classic, right? For me this day had always been something like a lucky day. I never had any weird experiences. That definitely has changed.
My beloved Baby, the gorgeous HP notebook, died on me that day. My Mum wanted to watch a certain show and suddenly the screen froze. There was nothing I could do about it at all..no key combinations, no ESCAPE - nothing. So I did the unspeakable thing and pulled the plug, tried to restart the compi and again - nothing. It started to boot, then it shut itself down within seconds and it wouldn´t stop. I was near to tears by then bc I had no idea what caused that sudden failure. I called Manu and her hubby had been so kind to offer to take a look at it..he really tried everything for the last couple of weeks. Calling everyone he knows that knows a little (or a lot) about computers and notebooks and hard drives and everthing. But NOTHING would work. So, to end this tragic story (bc I´m running out of time, have to go to work) yesterday I bought myself a knew shiny notebook. It´s a *drumroll* Sony VAIO!!! *is excited* 
I spend my evening yesterday to install everything I need to survive, but I start basically at zero. I managed to copy some songs from my MP3 (or MP4 IDK) player but other than that, I have NOTHING anymore. All my pictures are gone, all my photos from the Con, all icons, each and every show I had on my Baby, everything. Mario tries to get some data from the harddrive somehow, but I´m not very hopeful about it..*sigh* Anyway, the most important part is that I´m back to where I was LJ-wise, I got my Twitter and my Yahoo and my Skype back, which is AWESOME!

Okay, gotta run now..

But one more thing...it´s very important...

...it´s biggelois ´s birthday today!!!!
Hun´ have a beautiful day with a lot of joy and laughter!!
*birthday hugs you*

Where I am: at home
How I feel: cheerfulcheerful
Hadleyewlyn on August 31st, 2010 02:09 pm (UTC)
NOOOOOO!!!!! That is horrible news. :(

I mean... new computers are always fun and shiny and exciting... but not being able to move everything from the old computer onto it is sad, sad, sad.

How much is an external drive there? I have an external drive which I bought for something like $100US which is double the size of my harddrive and I back up to it once a week... so, worst case, I lose about 1 week of crap I've added to my computer. Can you do something like that, just to make sure this doesn't happen again? Or, at the least, back-up important things, like the photos you take, on a disc?

You're making me feel panicked, like I should double back up everything just in case... also burn DVDs of my photos... maybe I will do that today. YIKES!!
Andrea: Jared heylupina78 on August 31st, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
True. Having a nice, new and WORKING notebook is great fun, but I had to spent some money on it, and that sucks. And only I could manage to have so much bad luck...I planned to buy an external drive on Monday..turned out my notebook couldn´t wait those 3 days. :(

Will buy it as soon as I got paid, which should be tomorrow. Uhm they are not THAT expensive..one with 2 TB costs € 149,- which are $ 188,-
So, all in all..this one will be in my possession soon ;)

Nah..you already do it once a week..should be enough right? *giggles* But the burn photo-DVDs might be a smart thing to do, you know, just in case...


Oh and...THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE V-GIFT!! *smooches*
I totally can imagine them dangling from the rearview mirror of the Impala..LOL