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25 July 2010 @ 02:34 pm
I know I´m spammy, but bear with me...  
..this is my last day off until Saturday, and I´m enjoying my days off with extreme use of my computer/internet/LJ  ;)

Saw this superfunny thing at dischargie ´s LJ and couldn´t resist to do it too..Fact is..I wanted to do it with Styria instead of Austria, but somehow that doesn´t exist..anyway..let´s start, okay?

1.) Go to google and type in "You know you're from [your state] when..."
2.) Cut and paste the list
3.) Bold or italicize items that apply to you.

1. you know what a BUI is and you’ve ever worried that you might get one (or instead of riding your bike you now drive it).
2. you’ve searched every grocery store for peanut butter and reeses cups but have found neither.
3. you get excited that Mountain Dew is sold in eastern Europe and you can’t wait to take a holiday there.
4. you take holidays.
5. grocery shopping is an all day experience as you must visit at least two grocery stores and probably have to make more than one trip on your bike, every other day.
6. you're actually prepared when the clerk starts throwing your groceries at you and starts on the next customer before you have half the stuff in a bag.
7. after pointing out the cross and advent wreaths in every classroom, your students still insist that Austria is not a religious country.
8. you open a bottle of wine for every occasion, for example: it’s Tuesday…
9. you pay only 2 euro for a good bottle of wine. (only if you go to Aldi)
10. you go to order a Thanksgiving Turkey from the butcher and find they’re closed for a 3 hour lunch break, as is the rest of Austria.
11. you mention the Sound of Music and people either grimace or look confused.
12. you’ve gotten sick and had to consult a dictionary before going to the doctor or Apotheke.
13. you like eating Mozart’s balls. HELL YES!!!
14. a 30 minute hike is an absolute joke.
15. the elderly are biking/ walking faster than you are. Sometimes, yes LOL
16. you've waited an hour for the guy at the bike shop to finish a phone call, eat lunch, and work on another bike before he asks you "Was ist?"
17. you’ve watched a 10 year old smoke a cigarette and thought nothing of it.
18. you’d rather hand deliver something even if its more than an hour away than send it through the mail, at least you know it’ll get there.
19. you’d rather get yourself lost than ask for directions because either way you’ll still be lost.
20. you’ve watched two Austrians speak English to each other because they couldn’t understand each other’s German.
21. you're cool with the fact that people literally bounce off and wiggle pass you at parties and bars to an extent normally only experienced during intercourse.
22. instead of ice (what ice?), you pull out frozen vegetables for injuries. I do use cooling akkus, but grean beans do the trick too ;)
23. you were worried about your baggage being overweight because of all the shampoo, make-up, and other toiletries from America that you packed.
24. you hear the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing more than three times a day. Not daily, but pretty much often.
25. you realize that the stereotypes about Japanese tourists are true and you’ve actually seen a Japanese man wearing Lederhosen.
26. you’ve ever been bluntly told what you’re doing wrong.
27. you’ve ever “made” a party or a photo.
28. calling places of business or somewhere to get information causes angst.
29. you’ve ever “forgotten” that you speak any German so you can pretend that you had no idea what you were doing was wrong.
30. you go to a club and realize that you are probably the only person there who can actually understand the lyrics of the song.
31. you've checked my coat into a makeshift classroom/coat check, bought a drink from a student manning a card table in the cafeteria and proceeded to get wasted inside a University Building.
32. you realize that no matter how much of a suitcase college you went to, it’s definitely not as much as any of the 5 Austrian universities.
33. you try to order a 15lb Turkey and the butcher looks at you like you just asked for dinosaur meat.
34. you go to the doctor and he gives you an herbal tea.
35. you’re talking to an Austrian and he/she is so close to you that you can smell the sausage they had for breakfast.
36. you have the heat on, all doors closed, and screenless windows open in the dead of winter.
37. you’ve bought food and put it outside in the snow to freeze it because your freezer is too small (well maybe not this year…).
38. you’ve ever been chased and whipped by men in masks and huge hairy costumes with cowbells on their butts and thought it was great! Krampus FTW! ;)
39. you hear more about Mozart than the entire Habsburg empire.
40. your college dorm refrigerator is larger than the one you have now.
41. you’ve been lectured to about egg quality on more than one occasion. OMG don´t get me started on THAT one! LOL
42. the idea of sheets and baby carrots is novel.
43. Kebap is a regular Sunday tradition because everything else is closed.
44. you understand how the train and bus system works but the idea of trying to explain it to someone who doesn’t live here gives you a headache.
45. you’ve ever been complemented by a tourist on how well you speak English.
46. you’ve drunk so much beer that you’ve considered renting a car to take the bottles back for the Pfands.
47. you put a story/ lesson together using names like Dieter, Wilhelm, Ulla, and Klaus, and you’re the only one who thinks its funny.
48. you’ve enjoyed Wiener Schnitzel at a nice restaurant while sitting next to a dog.
49. you know that doing anything burocratic in Austia is like playing instant lotto tickets, sometimes you win, but more often you lose.

Too bad I couldn´t find more of those - that was soo much fun!! LOL



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tinkabell007tinkabell007 on July 25th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)

Oh and esp. this:
6. you're actually prepared when the clerk starts throwing your groceries at you and starts on the next customer before you have half the stuff in a bag.


And the Mozart balls... and the Japanese tourists....and the 30 minute hike!! LOLA friend from the USA visited me last year... and a 30 minute walk was the PURE horror for her LOL

And last but not least:
49. you know that doing anything burocratic in Austria is like playing instant lotto tickets, sometimes you win, but more often you lose.

Hell yes... *SIGH* So true!

Seriously, this list is MADE OF WIN LOL
Andrea: AECON - my Minion hurts...lupina78 on July 25th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)

I always hate it when nr 6 happens...especially when I try to get rid of my coin money..I´m fumbling around in my purse for 1 or 2 cent coins and the next customer is already annoyed bc he/she has to wait! *gg*

Pfff a 30 min hike is NOTHING! 3 hours and more and I say yes, that´s hiking - everything else is a nice walk *giggles*
But..poor friend of yours!! ;P

49 is sooo true..you really win the lottery jackpot earlier than get anything from burocracy! *sigh*

I had to laugh like crazy when I found those facts! LOL

(Deleted comment)
Andrea: Damon *smile*lupina78 on July 25th, 2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
Thank God you only remember good food and snow!! *rofl*

And yes, I do bike a lot. Not for fun or for being sportive, but I take my bike for shopping and to get to places quicker..I hardly ever take the car - only if I have to. ;)

strikske: What!strikske on July 25th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed reading your list some things sound so true.

"6. you're actually prepared when the clerk starts throwing your groceries at you and starts on the next customer before you have half the stuff in a bag."

Theses gilt für uns auch so LOL
Sorry German is so bad I haven't heard it in a while and I have trouble switching. Not only from dutch to German but also from English to Dutch *gg*

I can't even write an email in Dutch without having to correct it (read change English to Dutch)
Andrea: Ian laughinglupina78 on July 25th, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it! :)

Oh good, then I will be prepared if I ever come to the Netherlands again..*giggles*

No worries my dear! Ich muss auch ganz oft in meinem Wörterbuch nachsehen, ob ich alles richtig geschrieben habe! LOL

strikske: Wantedstrikske on July 25th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
At least you remember the word in German. I have to look in a English-Dutch book *hides in shame* for Dutch words not just to see if I wrote it right. LOL

You really should come to the Netherlands, love to show you around.
Andrealupina78 on July 25th, 2010 03:23 pm (UTC)
LOL You have no idea how often I do know the English word for something, but the German translation is just wiped out of my brain..that´s pretty embarrassing if you are actually talking to a "normal" Austrian person in RL *giggles and hides underneath a blanket*

Would love to! My strongest memory of Amsterdam (or better the surroundings) is a fishermen´s village somewhere with green/white striped awnings (had to look up that word too LOL) and green coloured fences..I really need to scan that picture in to show it to you! I found that so hilarious!
Kellie: Jensen - AHBLkelzies on July 25th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Heh, days off for netting ftw ;) Gotta put them to good use *g*

LOL this meme is awesome. Love how true some of the things are. Might have to do one for Aussieland XD The grocery people throw your things at you? That sounds scary D:
     Mandy: Freaka_phoenixdragon on July 26th, 2010 12:21 am (UTC)
That was freaking hilarious, lol!! Awesome, bb!!